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LOLPANTI ( Laughter Is Our Religion )

LOLPANTI is your guide to the best jokes, funny pictures, and funny videos on the internet. Our team scours the web in search of the most up to date funny content to keep you laughing for hours. Entertainment is our number one priority, and no one does it better than LOLPANTI.
You'll be on our site for hours laughing and enjoying with your friends and family.

LOLPANTI ” the term itself defines the meaning. First Lolpanti was started to entertain people on Facebook Group. After getting more popularity by our content, We have decided to entertain peoples in another way, so we have launched our Facebook Page & Website so that each and every person in the world can join us and spend some time with us for their smiles from thier busy life.

On LOLPANTI, you will find jokes, gags, funny photos, cars and bikes photos, animals photos, funny videos and lots of other entertaining stuffs. This website is all about entertainment.

So Stay Connected With Us & Enjoy.

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My Name is Love Sharma ( Ashutosh ). I am from Rajasthan. I m exceptional guy with assorted skills. I m a straight forward guy for particular things. I always prefer determination for success & love to face competition. Along with blogging i am a student of commerce. I started my blogging career in 2010.

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